Ned Gravel

Race Information

We are offering four different course options: Ultra, Tungsten, Gold and Silver. Each race offers unique challenges but also a lot of fun. We designed each course to highlight the beauty and grit of the Peak to Peak area. On each course you will find a little of everything. Some pavement, steep climbs, and well maintained gravel roads. The climbs will challenge you, the descents will make you smile and the views will take your breath away!  

NEW RACE DATE! We are moving to July 9, 2022. Registration will open February 1, 2022. Mark your calendars! 

2022 course updates are coming soon. We aren’t anticipating any major changes but check back soon for tentative 2022 courses. Below are 2021 courses and descriptions.                                                     

Silver Course – 8:00am

At about 20 miles and 2,200’ of climbing, this race is no slouch. Starting at Guercio Field you will head north on the Peak to Peak to HWY and climb for about a mile before turning right onto Ridge Rd. which turns into Cold Springs Rd. This section is a lot of fun with a few punchy up hills and fast descents. At the end of Cold Springs you will hang a right onto the P2P again for another long road climb to CR103 which is guaranteed to be one of your most fun descents ever. You’ll keep that downhill train rolling for 4 miles before tackling the last hill of the course. It’s a grinder for sure. You will turn right onto CR126 and grind for 3 more miles before turning onto Caribou Rd for a 3 mile downhill to the finish!

Gold Course – 7:30am

The Gold Course is one step up from the Silver Course. It is about 39 miles with 4500’ of climbing. This course really has it all. You start at Guercio Field and you will head north on the Peak to Peak to HWY and climb for about a mile before turning right onto Ridge Rd. which turns into Cold Springs Rd. This section is a lot of fun with a few punchy up hills and fast descents. At the end of Cold Springs you will hang a right onto the P2P again and then another right onto Sugarloaf Rd. This section is another tough section with steep climbs and fast downhills and is about half dirt and pavement. You will then turn up Sugarloaf Rd and the real fun begins! At the top of this climb you hit the Switzerland Trail where you will head down a “sporty” 4 mile section that will keep you on your toes and watching your speed. At the bottom you will hit the first aid station and then start climbing again. This section is mainly railroad grade between 2% and 6%. Once you reach the top you will hang a left onto Gold Hill Rd where you will hit some more rolling hills. Once you hang a left back onto Peak to Peak you will hit a long, fast downhill until you start climbing again and hit the last real climb on CR126 before a 3 mile long descent back into town and the finish! 

Tungsten Course – 7:00am

This is the premier event of Ned Gravel. It is 60 miles and has 7,100’ of climbing. For the first 22 miles this course is the same as the Gold Course  (see above).

The courses split off when the Tungsten course turns right off Gold Hill Rd onto Sawmill Rd. which is a steep descent to Lefthand Canyon. You’ll hang a right and keep that speed up before turning right up Lick Skillet Rd (the steepest county road in America!) with an average grade of 14%. Enjoy the beautiful town of Gold Hill for a second before heading down hill on Boulder St/Gold Run Rd to Fourmile Canyon. There you will head right at “The Junction” and continue to up to Sunset and back on to the Switzerland Trail and continue West for 10 miles. This will be a very challenging section on some of the roughest terrain. You then will meet back up with the other courses and head down CR103 to CR126 for the last climb and then the same fast 3 miles to the finish! 


Ultra Course – 5:00am


When we talk about one of the hardest courses, this is what we are talking about. The length, climbing, technical terrain, and high elevation all combine to create one serious challenge. This course is no joke and not for the faint of heart. This course is limited to 140 total riders and will have a lottery to determine who gets in. 


The course starts in Nederland and heads south along the Peak to Peak Highway into Gilpin County. It then heads west on Tolland Rd before turning South onto Mammoth Gulch. Mammoth Gulch is a long (4.5 miles), rocky climb. You will gain about 1,500′ and top out at 10,500′ in elevation. The initial descent is going to be very loose and rocky, so take it easy. When you hit the ghost town of Apex you will have a smooth and fast descent for several miles. You will then climb again up Hughesville Rd and make your way over to Missouri Gulch and Gamble Gulch both are moderately maintained county roads that can be a little rough but not bad. You will then get a few road miles as you head South again on the Peak to Peak but it still won’t be easy! You will then descend on South Beaver Creek Rd as you make your way back into Nederland. From there you will then tackle the Tungsten Course as described above. 


A few things to note:

– The first half is largely self supported but we will have medical staff in place along the course. Specific aid stations will be released later.

– You must get back through the Nederland checkpoint in 6 hours and you must be through the last aid station (mile 97) at the intersection of Switzerland trail/CR103/Peak to Peak Hwy before 5pm. This is for your safety and that of our staff.  

– This course is high and hard. Are you up for the challenge?




COVID Protocol

Our number one goal is to keep you, our volunteers/staff and the local community safe. We have worked extensively with state and local agencies as well as other race directors to create a safe and responsible event. 

We are very fortunate that COVID restrictions have significantly eased and even though we are not done with COVID-19 we are in a good place. We ask that if you are not vaccinated, please consider wearing a mask while in the starting area or interacting with our volunteers/staff. 

Currently no restrictions on participant limits are in place. We are still taking precautions by limiting contact with aid stations volunteers and by providing prepackaged foods at aid stations and post race area. At aid stations we ask that you fill your own bottle and move as quickly through as you can. 


2021 Race Information


Packet Pickups

We are offering three different days for packet pickups. Please do your best to get to one of these to avoid long lines the morning of the race.

Monday 7/26 – University Bicycle                  10am-6pm                                      Thursday 7/29 – University Bicycle               10am-6pm                                           Friday 7/30 Chipeta Park                                3pm-5pm


Parking in Nederland for any event is always a challenge. Please follow all of our rules and it will go smoothly. PLEASE DO NOT try and do your own thing, it will jeopardize the future of the race. 

All Tungsten and Silver course participants have to park at Eldora Ski Resort and take the shuttle. All Gold course participants will be parking in designated lots close to town. 

More details are here in our email update. Final details will be in the race packet released early the week of the race. 

Aid Stations

We are proud to offer aid stations fully stocked with CarboRocket Endurance Fuel, Spring Energy gels, BASE Performance bars and other treats! If you have any specific dietary needs please plan on bringing your own food. 

We will have medical professionals throughout the course as well as SAG vehicles providing mechanical help. Aid Station volunteers may be able to help with mechanical issues but please carry your own tools. 

Race Day Schedule


-4:45am Bike/Bag Drop off opens, Parking at Eldora Ski Resort Opens         -5:00am Packet Pickup opens                   –6:30am last shuttle for Tungsten Course leaves Eldora                                               -6:45am Call to start line for Tungsten Course/Staging for Gold and Silver Course begin.                                               -7:00am Start Tungsten Course/Last shuttle leaves Eldora                       -7:15am Gold Course participants to start line                                           -7:30am Start Gold Course                       -7:45am Silver course participants to start line                                             -8:00am Start Silver course/Eldora parking is closed and shuttles stop         -10:00am Vendor expo opens with music, food, drinks and games.                 -12:00pm Eldora parking reopens             -1:00pm shuttles begin running again every 30 minutes                             -4:30pm Last shuttle leaves Chipeta       -5:00pm Eldora Parking closed





Post Race


Chipeta Park remains open to the public and are welcome to attend! For participants we are offering a free beer (with beer for purchase for spectators, the public, or your second beer) and free basic snacks. There are food trucks across the creek as well as all the amazing restaurants offering to go options. Join us in cheering everyone on and visit all of sponsor and vendor tents. There are games and activities for the kids and don’t forget to visit the carousel across the street! 

Awards ceremonies will be held as soon as possible post race once most age groups are complete. 

Bike and Bag Drop


We are offering a pre and post race bike check at Chipeta Park. If you are parking at Eldora Ski Resort, you have to check your bike since bikes are not allowed on the shuttles. Post race, be considerate of the amount of time you leave your bike and the limited amount of bike space. 

You will be able to check a bag in the same location to have post race. 

In your packet, you will have two wrist bands with your bib number on them. One goes on your bag (if you are checking one) and one goes on you. You must show your matching wrist band number to checkout your bike and bag. Do not lose your wrist band!

Equipment Recommendations


You will need gravel tires for sure! A minimum tire width would be about 35. But a higher volume tire will make it a lot more comfortable. (We won’t be measuring, but if you flat four times that’s on you!)


There’s a good chance you will be walking at some point. Road shoes are STRONGLY discouraged.


There will be no Feed Zones on the Silver Course, one on the Gold Course and two on the Tungsten Course. There will be several water stations along all courses. Please plan accordingly.


Because of the road sections and for safety reasons front lights are recommended and rear lights are strongly recommended.


At the Feed Zones there will be basic maintenance tools available and possibly a mechanic or two. Please be able to self rescue if you flat or have a mechanical issue on the course. There will be limited on course support.


Do we really need to say this? Of course a helmet is required, 100% of the time.


It is July in the mountains. Be prepared for warm weather. An afternoon thunder/rain storm is always a possibility. Plan accordingly.


A gravel bike is recommended (duh!) but we are all about riding what you got. Mountain Bikes are great, road bikes are less great but can handle the Silver Course.

Where to Stay

Boulder Creek Lodge is right next to the start/finish area and is the best option for staying in Nederland.

Call and mention Dead Man Gravel and get special pricing.

Airbnb is also a good option for finding housing in the Peak to Peak area.

All other hotels are located in Boulder, about a 25 min drive from Nederland. 

Where to eat

Nederland has great places to eat:

  • Crosscut Pizza
  • Ubon Thai
  • Salto Coffee
  • Busey Brews
  • Backcountry Pizza
  • The Mineshaft
  • New Moon Bakery

And places to drink:

  • Knotted Root Brewing
  • Very Nice Brewing
  • Gold Dirt Distillery (in Rollinsville)